Adolf Hitler can be mentioned as one of the harshest dictators throughout history. He dreamed of founding of the German empire that includes the entire territory of Europe. He make some theory that “The German is the most superior race on Earth”, although his vision is very extraordinary, historians uncover the unique facts of opposites in Hitler’s life.

1. Parade of the Nazi Party: To raise the spirit of their militancy, a member of the Nazi party must join the parade while hailing Hitler’s power. Although this sounds a parade of bold and masculine, in fact, adopted the idea of this parade from the parade of the Cheerleader at Harvard. Hitler get the idea of this parade of Ernst Hanfstaengl, colleagues who have the task of studying at Harvard. Hitler was impressed with the enthusiasm of the cheerleaders Harvard to complain about their alma mater. Hitler was soon adopted this parade as one of the mandatory activities in the Nazi party.

Hitler was absent from the draft: although the policies are taken tend to be militaristic, Hitler himself had been absent from the draft. As a citizen of Austria Hitler’s mandatory military service followed at the age of 20 years. To avoid this obligation, Hitler repeatedly changed addresses. After five years of changing homes, the Austrian government managed to catch Hitler in Munich, he was in drag for the physical tests as a condition of military service. But in fact, the Austrian government off the hook Hitler’s fault, Hitler did not have adequate physical capital as a soldier.

3. Hitler sufferers hypochondriac: Although the belief that the Germans were supermen, Hitler suffered from hypochondriac (excessive concern for the health condition) is chronic. He often diagnose themselves that he was suffering from dangerous diseases. As a result, he drank a variety of drugs, using leeches to lower his blood pressure and is very concerned with air pollution problems.

4. Hitler became a vegetarian after attending Autopsy: The result can not stand being chased by Hitler, one of his female friends accidentally killed himself. To show concern over the death of the woman, Hitler would be invited to witness the autopsy in order to investigate the causes of death of the woman. It turned out that although the well-known villain, Hitler can not stand the sight of blood, and since then Hitler refused to eat meat and to prevent other people eating meat in front of him.

5. Hitler liked joking with the staff: The nature of Hitler is outrageous ignorant and often make the staff fear and frustration. But Hitler finally reaped from his jokes when he tried to work on Ernst Hanfstaengl. Hitler pretended Ernst Hanfstaengl sent to Spain in a suicide mission. To look serious, Ernst Hanfstaengl Hitler sent in an aircraft in strict guard by troops from the Gestapo. Ernst Hanfstaengl was deceived, he really felt the safety of his life being threatened. Ernst Hanfstaengl fled when the plane was refueling in Switzerland. Hitler had not had time to explain that he was only kidding, Ernst Hanfstaengl had defected to the allied forces and reveal some secrets of the Nazi party had.

6. Hitler’s war policy affected his pet dog: Hitler very proud of the hunters dog called Blondie. He spent many hours in th
e day to practice with a variety of tricks. The German generals at the time of Hitler realized that the mood is very influenced by Blondie training success. When Blondie successfully taught to do tricks, the mood of Hitler would be good and want to listen to suggestions and proposals of the generals. And when the time Blondie failed, Hitler would be grumpy and ignore all the proposals put to him. One secretary later said that, “Sometimes the impression that the results obtained during the war in Russia, is more influenced by the General Blondi than German”.

7. Hitler was crazy movies: Hitler was crazy with fantasy Goebel, minister of propaganda who always glorify the greatness of the Nazi party. Goebel then assigned to package his ideas in a number of propaganda films. These films are delivered directly to Hitler who watched regularly every night. Hitler’s view on a film which will determine which films will be distributed to the people of Germany.

8. Hitler was a lazy heavyweights: unlike other world leaders in general yag aalah a hard worker, Hitler lazy aalah heavyweight. This laziness habit influenced movies late into the night. Hitler rarely up less than two hours of the day and rarely ate breakfast, if not on the bed.

9. Hitler enthusiast with a sweet tooth: Hitler ate 1 kg of chocolate every day, besides the cookies are laced with lots of whip cream. He embellish his tea with seven teaspoons of sugar, and sometimes mixed with red wine.

10. Hitler was a good whistle: Hitler was able to play the harmonica and flute, he was good at singing, but the whistle is the skill of the most prominent Hitler. He was able to whistle loudly on the prairie, and musicians playing the melody with his whistling Wagner correctly