I just move this article of mine from my old blog, about BENEFIT BREAKFAST MORNING. Hmmm, maybe we are not familiar with this, I’m sure you all do this activity prior to core activities (work / school). I’m sure you only doing this activity because it is the daily routine without knowing the truth of the things we do every morning is a great effect on our health. What is that ? OK, Let’s see (based on an article I read and my personal experience)

  • Breakfast is useful to replace the energy (sugar) that we use when we take a rest (well, it turns out that sleeping too well dispose of energy?). I personally had to admit it, because usually after wake from sleep, especially sleep at night, I felt very hungry and wanted to eat something.
  • Breakfast was able to increase our concentration when studying / working. I experienced it myself and have been proven. One day I was in college in the morning at 07.00 now, then I forgot breakfast because it was in a hurry. The impact is that I became sleepy and my brain does not focus on what the lecturer. Another case when i get breakfast, when studying, I can absorb the information better that provided with the professors. let’s try to apply it yourself, I am sure it will be proven.

  • Breakfast can prevent us from overeating. The food that we consumed at breakfast could contain high fat and calories from food throughout the day. When we left the breakfast, we will tend to divert their hunger by snacking throughout the morning until late lunch. And this will encourage us to find another flight on the coffee, or drinks that can increase the energy (like cereal).
  • Breakfast is also mentioned can make our body becomes more fit. Look at the difference between someone that does not have breakfast with the one who did, They look like don’t have energy right ? : p

    Well, because I realize the importance of breakfast this is why I created this article. If there are some better articles it’s better to you to try that too, because it is just based on my personal experience 8)