Preview Watchmen Movie

I think Wathcmen Movie is the lame movie. I’m not sure the year, but i think it’s around 2008. First i hear about this movie in the Cinema i never imagine this movie will be best movie or so. One day my friend gave me the copy of Watchmen movie to me, and i’m interesting to watch this movie. Firtsly i have no time to watch this and then, after too long i kept this movie in my Notebook I found this movie again. I watched it and it’s REALLY COOL !!!! I like the story line, this film couldn’t be predict what will happen next. I recommend you to watch this one :)

Maybe before you watch it i’ll give you my version of Watchmen. There are the Super Hero in the earth, but they breaking off and trying ti ve ordinary people. But someday there’s something wrong, Every one of them died drastically, suicide, murdered, and other odd dying type. The first man who is dying by murdered was Comedian. After Comedian’s death the Watchmen come to public again, they save people in the building which was burned. The Universe come to chaos because of World War III Issue that Soviet will attack US with their nuclear power. But, it’s all only joke, it was provocation from one of “Hero” but we can said now he’s a villain, Adrian, the smartest man in the world. But, who knows that his action to provoke war and take dr. Manhattan as the creator of the war is to make peace to the world. This movie is cool enough. maybe you can watch it yourself rather than see my preview.